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ZeeInx group is a UK based consultancy group that specializes in healthcare and technology related consulting and services.

Experienced Serialization Consulting Services

Benefit from our knowledge and experience through practical, real world solutions.

What We Do

We’ll partner with you from the onset to determine an ideal serialization strategy for your individual line needs.

Country Compliance Requirements

We help companies accurately record, track, and manage data from the manufacturer till the distribution point.

Operational & Pay as you Go Support

Get personalized support that address the functional and operational for end-to-end serialization solutions.

Our Services

Serialization Services

We specialize in serialization consulting and understand your businesses needs by tailoring solutions to ensures your organization is compliant with country specific regulations. 

EU Hub Compliance – EMVO

Our experts will guide you through the complex EMVO approvals process and the obligatory EU-FMD criteria.

Effective delivery – EU FMD

With our efficient and versatile approach, we offer management and delivery of EMVO & NMVO On-Boarding.

L4 System Validation

Find flexible solutions that include testing, validation and production. Our customers also maintain control over their updates.


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Our Consultants are readily available to provide efficient support for your organization so you receive first class and top-notch support.